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The new ARDA app

Download the ARDA app to navigate
different routes and their relative
augmented reality moments. 

The area to the south of Milan is full of beautiful farmland views, canals, age-old farmhouses, and important local businesses. Getting to know the area and its people provides a wonderful opportunity to discover a different and unexpected side to the Milanese countryside.

The project makes this possible through a series of local experiences and bike routes, either self-guided on the ARDA app, or led by a guide. The combination of art and digital technology provides an innovative way to discover the region’s stories – bringing together generations and cultures. In fact, each itinerary features augmented reality, multisensorial installations and experiences.

Some advice on our routes

ARDA cycle routes predominantly follow bike paths and quiet country roads, staying away from traffic as much as possible. Nonetheless, none of the routes are 100% off-road: each one includes road crossings or brief sections on local roads. We recommend you take all possible care and respect the highway code. 

The ARDA app is key to navigating this world, allowing you to easily find your way around the bike routes as well as discovering local services and points of interest. 

Download the app, choose your route and enjoy the ride