Innovative storytellingto bring the region to life

Animated signposts, installations that come to life, art that talks, and open-air museums. The aim of ARDA creative residentials was to find innovative ways to interpret the region south of Milan’s city centre through urban art and augmented reality.  

For four weeks, eight carefully selected digital artists lived and worked within BASE’s creative ecosystem. They took part in an educational, informative and creative course led by Bepart with the aim of producing two multimedia artworks each. These artworks enhance open-air artistic itineraries along the canals to the south of Milan, expounding upon different points of historical, cultural and local interest. They each have a corresponding physical installation created by the designers from IDEAS – Bit Factory.

Artists in residence

The artists worked out of BASE and the Burò atelier – BASE’s project house which is immersed in its creative ecosystem. They shared ideas in a peer-to-peer workshop, as well as during meetings with experts and partners. They co-created multimedia experiences and pioneered new ways of describing the region.