About us

The ARDA project was created by a multidisciplinary network with a shared interest in innovative regional development and promoting the area as a tourist destination.

BASE Milano, in the city’s Tortona-Solari district, volunteered to be the gateway for the network of cycle routes, innovative experiences and sustainable cultural tourism. The high number of locals and tourists who pass through this area of the city make BASE Milano the ideal starting point.

BASE Milano (Oxa srl Impresa Sociale) is a project for cross-pollination between the arts, enterprises, technology and social innovation. Founded in 2016 and located within the ex-Ansaldo complex, the project occupies a 12,000m2 space. Our mission: to generate new reflections for 21st century cities, establish new connections between different arts, disciplines and languages, and boost Milan’s status among the great capitals of creative production.

BEPART Società Cooperativa Impresa Sociale is a non profit organization that employs augmented reality to fill the city with art, design, videos, sounds and words. Through participatory and training processes Bepart produces and installs digital works in urban spaces, these digital works are available to everyone for free through the use of smart devices.

Ideas Bit Factory srl is a “lightweight factory” – a place where bits can be transformed into dust. It is located in the “infinite region” in Brianza and works with many local traditional artisanal businesses. It was the first fablab in the Monza and Brianza region, with a strong leaning towards design. The group created their own trademark, “Bit Factory”, and went on to develop partnerships with Treed Filaments to create innovative materials for diverse uses.

Local Logic scarl is a communications agency with several years experience working under the Ciclica brand. Ciclica has long been involved in local community involvement and content marketing in the world of cycling, outdoors pursuits in general, slow travel and hiking.

J’eco srl is a technological platform for the development of Apps in Augmented Reality. The company creates interactive experiences of guidance and interpretation for the enhancement of the landscape, museums and events.

Turbolento Thinkbike ssd is an amateur sports company of limited liability, recognized by CONI (the Italian National Olympic Committee). The company organises cycling activities, designs routes for bike tourism, the “Strade Zitte”, and works to safeguard and promote awareness of the Italian countryside.

Fondazione Rete Civica di Milano (FRCM) promotes local awareness and involvement in training, implementation and evaluation of important public policy.

Il progetto, finanziato da Regione Lombardia – Por Fesr 2014-2020, è iniziato nel febbraio 2018 con capofila BASE Milano sviluppato in collaborazione con Bepart, Ideas, Local Logic, J’eco, Turbolento Thinkbike, Fondazione RCM.